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2013 July Tag Challenge

Tag for Thought....I hope each day we take time to be thankful for those who have fought for our country and given their time and even their lives for our freedom.


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2013 June Challenge

June....and another inspiration challenge from Tim Holtz!

This month we are creating with a focus on the new distress ink pens.  We also used distress ink paints, stains and pads as well as some stamping techniques and watercoloring.

As always, it is a little intimidating looking at the blank canvas and creating something but also as always - love how they came out and the open door of more possibilities!!

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2013 May Tag Challenge

It is May and another inspiration challenge from Tim Holtz! This month he suggested rub-ons, distress stains and stamping. Great combinations and I just loved the rub-ons. So here is my take on his amazing tag:

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Spring Cleaning - Phase 1 - Stamping Style

So, you get the bug as always this time of year to clean things out , start fresh and organize.... Of course, this feeling is more often for me - I have the organiztion bug all the time - it is my happy place. For me though, my problem to keep things organized is at a higher stress level than many because all my fun stuff also includes a whole bunch of inventory.

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2013 April Challenge - Ink, Paint and Distressing

As part of the inspiration of the "12 Tags of 2013" from Tim Holtz, a few of us got together last night and played with new products and the room filled with inspiration. I love how you can have the same items for all to use and come up with all different looks.

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Product Review: Quick Quotes PowderPuff Inks

There are so many inks it is pretty overwhelming to know which ink is the best for which project.  They are all in their own way unique and different.  Is one better than the other?  Maybe.  Do we tend to like some over others?  Definitely!

The ink I want to review and discuss today is PowderPuff Inks by Quick Quotes

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Scraps, Scraps and more Scraps

I have many people ask me what I do with scraps but more importantly how I store them.  There are many ways to organize them but the one that has worked best for me are plastic bins.

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First Steps - Final Wrap-Up

This is my last 'chapter' for the First Steps blog.  So far we talked about where and how to get started, getting organized (A MUST), duplicating and scanning rare photos (A MUST), Journaling and a hint of digital.

As my final thoughts, I want to share a little more on the digital world, memorabilia and creating a plan.

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First Steps - Duplicate, Duplicate!

You have lots of photos - but many of them are one of a kind which makes it kind of scary to think about cutting it up and using it - so remember to Duplicate, Duplicate!  This is another one of those suggestions I believe is A MUST!

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First Steps - Conquer & Divide - Get Organized

In the very beginning intro on this series, I said I would give suggestions and MUST DOs!!!  This is a MUST.

Conquer your fears! This can simply mean getting all your pictures in a safe place, surrounded by acid free materials. Acid Free refers to products that are manufactured free of acid to prevent deterioration and discoloration of papers and photos. 

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