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Product Review: Quick Quotes PowderPuff Inks

There are so many inks it is pretty overwhelming to know which ink is the best for which project.  They are all in their own way unique and different.  Is one better than the other?  Maybe.  Do we tend to like some over others?  Definitely!

The ink I want to review and discuss today is PowderPuff Inks by Quick Quotes

(QQ).  The name describes it pretty well - it is ink that "works" like a powder.  It has a soft look, goes on smooth and has a minimal drying time.  Like any product whether I love it, like it or don't care for it, I want to give the best overall review to help you make the right choice for your need.

Let's start with the PROS:

Color Variety - Currently 24 colors available. QQ really strives to add to their existing lines on a regular basis to give good variety for your project color need.  Most recently, they just released 6 new colors which one became my quick favorite, Coal Miner which is a dark blue black color. Really rich.

Packaging - You can purchase the inks as a single color or they have variety packs of the Original color palette of 12 or by theme: Summer, Fall, Ocean, and Berry.  This type of packaging is new so I am sure that will grow and continue to package additional colors together.

Ease of Use - The size of the single inks are slim and a good fit for your hand.  The two points at the bottom make for good detail color cornering.

Color Fast - The colors are rich and vibrant and stay to the true color once dry.

Good Price - The price point on their inks makes it reasonable to pick a few individual colors or swing for the color palette kits.  Suggested Retail is $2.99/ea. We at T2S sell it for $2.50/ea.

Favorites - It is hard to pick a favorite - the colors fit for many of my projects and of course coordinate well with their papers and kits.  The ink color I use the most I would have to say is Mocha Mama.  It gives almost a burnt paper effect when added to the edges, which I really like.

Stamping - Works well with stamps for a soft, subtle look.  The ink is not designed to produce a crisp image like you would get from say Staz-On © or Archival Ink ©

Lasting Use: The ink has a good shelf life and goes a long way on your project.  Many of mine I will mark when they are really light and use for certain projects before I finally throw them away.

Now the CONS:

Secure - I have had the ink pads glue that adheres them to the holder weaken and release the pad. Part of this is because I work them hard.  I was able to successfully re-glue them but it was a messy task.

Recommendation - On a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being Highly Recommend, 1 being Don't Bother):

QQ PowderPuff Inks gets a 5.

Try using these inks on your next project where you want to add a little accent to your papers and embellishments. In this example to the right, see how the ink really pops the edge on the vellum piece on this project.

As always - feel free to make a comment and let me know your thoughts!  Thank you!!