First Steps – Start in the Present

So, you have not scrapped in a long time or maybe you never started?!? Scrapbooking to me is the tag line I put on our logo – it is leaving a legacy for your family. It is about expressing your take on things, your wisdom, humor, love and memories. We make time for things that are important to us and family is important to me and recording the memories for generations to come is priceless.

Whenever I get a chance, I love walking around the antique stores (especially with my friend, Mindy). One of the saddest things that I see regularly is the scattered black and white photos throughout the store. Someone’s memories lost and being sold to strangers. No one documented who was who or took the time to journal. What a tragedy to lose such rich family history.

I don’t want that to happen with our family photos and I hope it won’t happen to you, so let’s get you motivated and started!! The best place to start is with the present and work backwards. Why? Well, the number one reason is that you are more likely to remember what happened yesterday than you are in remembering what happened during your trip to Sea World in 1985. Starting with the present helps you capture the current memories and ignite the buried ones. I don’t know about you but it will either take a case of WD-40 or 20 cases of Ginkgo Biloba to unlock those rusty file cabinets in my head but I am willing to try – how about you?


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