First Steps – Duplicate, Duplicate!

You have lots of photos – but many of them are one of a kind which makes it kind of scary to think about cutting it up and using it – so remember to Duplicate, Duplicate! This is another one of those suggestions I believe is A MUST!

Now, for the “younger” generation (did I just write that? Ugh! I am getting old), you may not know what “film” is. But, in the “olden days”, there were cameras where you had to load “film” into your camera (manually – touching it and everything) and you would actually have to drive to have it developed at a photo place that never heard of it only taking 1 hour to develop. Sometimes you had to wait a week to ten days before you could see if the pictures were good or (in many cases) blurry or too dark. So, for the digital savvy generation, duplication may not mean much. Everything is already digital. BUT, for those of you like me who have grown into the digital age and have the first 31 years of my life on paper, then DUPLICATE, DUPLICATE is for us!
If you think you will have an opportunity to use a photo in more than one project or if it is an extra special, one of a kind, SCAN IT first. This gives you the opportunity to have the original kept in a safe Acid Free place and allows you to print out multiples or even alter them. Altering them can be a huge success to your project, There are so many things you can now do by having your photo in a digital format: fix scratches, correct red eye issues, lighten or darken them, make them black and white or sepia for a unique look, alter the size of the photo to fit perfectly in the size project you are doing and so much more!!! Duplicating also doubles as a great opportunity to have a digital backup of your photos or memorabilia which is great for preservation.
Finally another benefit of thinking about duplication or scanning your originals is if you are wanting to scrapbook or do a project for your children. The first child only has them in the pictures – that’s easy, but what about after a few more kiddos – then many of the pictures have multiple kids in them – who gets that photo in their book vs. the others? Scan them – back them up and use them over and over.
Tomorrow – let’s talk about Memorabilia!!

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