Tag Challenge II

Here is another inspiration challenge from Tim Holtz! He suggested rub-ons, distress stains and stamping. Great combinations and I just loved the rub-ons. So here is my take on his amazing tag:


One of the things that really inspired me was when I looked at what he did, I immediately thought about all those rub-ons that you have that get ruined or “broken” from sticking to the wrapper – this project allows you to use those remnants very easily without stressing you out. I chose to go with White rub-ons instead of black. I wanted to use up some old stash I had in my book and found some Spring BasicGrey rub-ons and I am SO GLAD I DID!! I really like how they turned out with the stains and paints.


I was able to lightly sand over the white rub-ons once the inks/paints were dry and the white just popped out from the colors. I also used the spray inks from Tattered Angels and Dylusions to color the flowers. I pretty much only buy white flowers these days and then ink or paint to match my page or project. I find I use my stock faster.


This one came together pretty fast and I really enjoyed looking through my stock to find useable items – I don’t always have what Tim uses… mainly because I don’t have his budget – lol. But it is fun to find alternatives. Let me know your thoughts and I truly hope that this inspires you to get out those rub-ons you have had for such a long time and create a one of a kind masterpiece.

Scraps, Scraps and more Scraps

I have many people ask me what I do with scraps but more importantly how I store them.  There are many ways to organize them but the one that has worked best for me are plastic bins.


So, once you narrow it down to what to keep them in – then there is the decision of how to break them down: by color, paper type, weight, style. manufacturer, two-sided ? There are so many ways.  Just think of how you want to use these scraps and make sure they are accessible.  It is like an appliance in the kitchen – if it is hidden, you probably won’t use it.


I have so many scraps and I use specific manufacturers that I decided to put them by color for solids and by manufacturer for designs.


If you view many of the papers that are out there, many companies have a “look” or “Signature Vibe” that as soon as you look at it, you pretty much know who it is. Because of that, I like to separate those looks so I can quickly reach for something that fits what I am doing.


As an example, many years ago, Basic Grey was very unique in their look and design and although I can still spot their stuff pretty accurately, many designers/manufacturers have taken that look and made it their own – so it is not as easy to separate that look anymore because it is everywhere.


Graphic 45 is very unique and distinct so I separate those as well when I want that nostalgic, rich color project.


So I have 18+ drawers separated by solid color cardstock (green, blue, black, whites, etc.) and I have several others like Basic Grey, Quick Quotes, and Ideology and Co’re dinations.  I also have ones that are generic cardstock other which are usually my lower cost cardstocks to draw from or practice on.


This has really helped when I needed that little tag or border, especially if I am using my Vagabond or dies. Of course, no scraps are worth it and just take up space if you forget to use them.


So…. here is your challenge, create an embellishment or tag using only scraps. You will be amazed the inspiration that will come when you remind yourself of some of those papers you bought that still have life left.





Tag Challenge

Tag for Thought….I hope each day we take time to be thankful for those who have fought for our country and given their time and even their lives for our freedom.


For this month’s tag challenge, it was a time of reflection as I made the tag for this month, being challenged by Tim for this 4th of July Freedom theme.  As usual, I never have all the cool things and items that he has, but I do have A LOT of stuff so we made do and improvised with our own take on the tag.


Two tags shown:


The smaller one was used from a clothing tag!  What a great idea Mindy!!!  It was a great thick tag that was a tag on a shirt she just bought for her husband.  It already had the word “Urban” on it and that combined with Mindy’s amazing artistic talent, it came out great!  Product used included: Tattered Angel spray inks, Ranger Distress Inks, DCWV Paper stash paper scraps and some fun metal embellishments from Tim Holtz line with the word COURAGEOUS.  I loved how her tag came out and as usual liked hers better than my own 🙂


The larger tag was made from DCWV Paper stash paper scraps.  I had these laying around and thought I would try using this as the base rather than a shipping or scrapping tag.  Other paper used (Blue stars) is from Canvas Corp – again, scraps from another project. Inks used were Ranger Distress Inks, Tattered Angel spray ink and Fiber Scraps Ink Daubbers.  Added a few metal embellishments, distressed and inked the edges and called it finished.  We both used the crinkle ribbon, inking our little fingers blue and red for the final touch as well as acrylic star clusters.  They were clear stars and we used Ranger Alcohol Inks to bring out the red, blue and gold colors.


I hope these encourage you to look through your materials and make something fun.  You don’t always have to have the exact items and it is fun to improvise (after of course you get over the depression of not having what you really want – ha ha)





First Steps – Final Wrap-Up

This is my last ‘chapter’ for the First Steps blog.  So far we talked about where and how to get started, getting organized (A MUST), duplicating and scanning rare photos (A MUST), Journaling and a hint of digital.


As my final thoughts, I want to share a little more on the digital world, memorabilia and creating a plan.


Digital Fun! – Okay, you have the CD’s of photos or you have scanned some of the developed


photos you have from the past – Now what? The possibilities are truly endless. There are so many ways to digitally scrapbook.


There are several great digital scrapbooking softwares that can be purchased or can be created and completed online. Use the pictures as they are or you can alter them in so many ways (oh come on, you don’t actually believe all those photos on the gossip magazines are real do you? Do they really allow photographers in all those nooks and crannies of stars lives and at just that perfect moment? – Digital altering baby. (sorry if I ruined it for you).


On the good side, digital enhancements help with lighting errors, focus issues or maybe removing images or turning it to classic black and white and then colorizing it. Like I said… Endless possibilities. Once completed, you can print it yourself, send it off to be printed and book bound or leave it on the computer as a screen saver, send it to family and friends or blog it!


As you are thinking about where to start, how about with an “Event” Book!  Are there 12, 20 or 30 trips to Disneyland in your past? Easy! Do a Disneyland book! Sea World, vacations, birthdays or the Wild Animal Park in beautiful San Diego, whatever “event” works best – a book can be the perfect way to capture all the memories within that theme. As a matter of fact – my next “for me” project, is to do a “Book of Firsts”. It is going to be compiled with all the First Birthday photos of all our children and grandchildren.


Memorabilia –Use it. You know you have them. The ticket stubs from the amusement parks or museums, the small coins from your trip to Europe. Maybe even the drawing from your child from kindergarten. These can all be used. I have scanned the drawings and used them as my background paper. Again, doing this now gives me the digital backup forever and I have used it as part of my scrapbook. As a side note, be careful when using older original items in some of your projects. They may not be acid free materials and may eventually discolor your photos surrounding them.


Bottom line as I wrap up this subject….Just DO it! This is A MUST! – You need to start somewhere. Start small so you don’t get overwhelmed and give up before you get started. If nothing else, just start with a few favorite photos and memories. Your project does not have to be in any particular order, subject or event.  This can cause missed expectations and unfinished projects. You want to just have something that is full of fun pictures, memories, journaling, souvenirs, and various memorabilia – no matter what format that is.


So, no matter what you decide, remember your objective – to enjoy the memories in a special way that will be fun to share with family and friends and will leave a legacy behind that will be priceless. This means thinking “out of the box” – or should I say taking your pictures “out of the box”.